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Mud Log

Selman & Associates, Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer


We are always looking for qualified people to join our team.  If you are interested, please fill out the online job application below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


  • Earned a Geology Degree (preferred)
  • Have a working understanding of Computer Systems, Electronics, and Mechanical Equipment
  • Willing to travel and spend time on well site locations
  • Own or lease your own vehicle
  • Own or lease a High-Clearance Vehicle (preferred)
  • Have Prior Logging Experience (preferred)
  • In Good Physical Condition
  • Work well in a Team-Oriented Environment
  • Effective in Solving Problems
  • Are Self-Motivated
  • Have an Outgoing and Freindly personality
  • Willing to comply with our Zero-Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Willing to complete our Safety Training and Certification Programs
  • Have a Clean Driving Record
  • Able to represent Selman & Associates, Ltd. in a professional and friendly manner

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After filling out the form, press the "Submit" button to send the Employment Application.  You can also press the "Reset" button to clear the form.

Required Fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).  Some further information fields may be required when answering "Yes" to a question (such as logging experience).  If a section does not apply to you (i.e. if you have no technical or computer experience), please put "N/A".

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