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Welcome to Selman & Associates
Geological Services

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Mud Log

The Leader in Innovation, Performance, and Customer Satisfaction
Selman & Associates, Ltd. has been setting new standards in quality and service for over 30 years!  At Selman & Associates, Ltd., we understand our clients' needs, and we have developed and continue to develop the tools and services that will enable you to make important business decisions in a timely manner.

We offer a multitude of Geological Services and Geological Support Services during drilling exploration such as:
  • Mud Logging
  • Geosteering
  • Geonavigation
  • Remote Gas Detection
  • Digital Sample Pictures
  • Geological Consulting
  • Digital High Speed Gas Detection
  • Remote Communications
  • Real Time Streaming Drilling Data
  • Website Data Delivery
  • Cuttings Gas Analysis
  • Calcimetry
  • Shale Density Measurement
Mud LogOur engineers continually develop new products and hone existing products so that we can provide the best possible experience. If you have questions about our service capabilities or would like to see us accomodate any specific needs that you have, just ask!

We pride ourselves on developing in-house products and services so that we will be able to more quickly adapt to growing customer needs and available technology.

Please make yourself at home, and check out our website to learn more about our company and our products and services. We provide services throughout most of the Continental United States, so when you need anything from a great-caliber logging crew to a remote Internet connection with VoIP, then please just let us know!

Our Mission

Outstanding Customer ServiceIt is the mission of Selman & Associates, Ltd. to develop and maintain an organization, which exhibits a positive attitude, discipline, and a high commitment level. Our goal is to maintain excellence and exceptional client satisfaction through the quality of our products and services and to achieve company growth worldwide. We will accomplish this through our team of highly trained, dedicated, and motivated professionals, and through continued technological research and development.

Setting New Standards in Quality and Service

Simply stated, the objective of our service organization is client satisfaction.  Success is measured by how often we are asked back to handle another well.  Repeat business has enabled us to grow and to sustain a market share throughout the mid-continent states and beyond.  Our continuing commitment is to excel in providing the best possible professional service.

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