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Geological Services

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Mud Log

The Leader in Innovation, Performance, and Customer Satisfaction
Selman & Associates, Ltd. has been setting new standards in quality and service for over 40 years!  At Selman & Associates, Ltd., we understand our clients' needs, and we have developed and continue to develop the tools and services that will enable you to make important business decisions in a timely manner.

We offer a multitude of Geological Services and Geological Support Services during drilling exploration such as:
  • Mud Logging
  • Geosteering
  • Remotely Monitored Gas Logging
  • Mobile App Data Delivery
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • FID Total Hydrocarbons and Gas Chromatography
  • Digital High Speed Gas Detection
  • Website Data Delivery
  • Calcimetry
  • Field Geochemistry
  • Customizable Geological Services
  • Geological Consulting

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